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No, however the game includes a sequential gear box.

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Q: Does the test drive unlimited 2 game have manual transmission?
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Does the Test Drive Unlimited game have manual transmission?

It has both, manual and automatic:)

Is there a test drive 3 ever coming out?

I think you mean Test Drive Unlimited 3. Test Drive 3 is a 1990 PC game, very basic game. As for Test Drive Unlimited 3, there is no news or leaks about this yet.

Why did test drive unlimited 2 not put lamborghini's and bmw etc?

It is unknown why the game Test Drive Unlimited 2 did not put Lamborghini's and BMW in there game. They just did not think it was worth it.

What is the best open world driving game?

Test Drive Unlimited

What are test drive unlimited used for?

Test Drive Unlimited is a game available for the Playstation 2, Sony PSP, and the Xbox 360. It is an arcade-style racing game and is typically used as a hobby or a means the pass the time.

Where is the main menu in Test Drive Unlimited on Ps2?

at the start of the where it says start game or load game

Authentication code for test drive unlimited?

The authentication code for the game Test Drive Unlimited should have been given when purchased. If you do not have a key you can try 1HQG-HMTD-M3X2-6W1H.

Is test drive unlimited 2 on 2 player?

i got the game and no it is not 2 player

How do you get a best car game ever?

U buy Test Drive Unlimited 2

How do you get a lamborghini on test drive unlimited 2?

You cant, TDU2 did not put them in the game, sorry!!

How do you get to the secret island on test drive unlimited psp?

There is no way to get to the secret island on Test Drive Unlimited PSP. Sony has not put any teleportational devices in this game to get to the island for the PSP and PS2.

What is the best racing game for xbox?

I suggest Test Drive: Unlimited 2.Very entertaining.