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Yes, all PSPs use Max Duo memory cards.

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Q: Does the psp 3000 use the same memory card as the psp 1000?
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How is 3000000 the same as 3000 thousands?

Yes, 3000 thousands is 3000 times 1000, or 3000000.

Can a psp memory card be used as a camera memory card?

If it uses the same type.

Is an external memory slot the same as a memory card slot?


Can you use the same memory card from my blackberry to my new cell phone?

depends on the memory card( for example a sd card or a micro sd card) and if your new phone takes the same kind

What psp kind is best?

the best kind is the model (2000) because it isn't the same as (3000) or (1000) because in (1000) it is really heavy and (3000) the machine inside has been changed and you cant dowload games.(2000) u can dowload games and it is thin and its almost same to (3000) You can hack lt, but the 1000 is fat and the 3000 is anorexic and the screen is frail.

Is a PS vita memory stick the same as a psp3000 memory stick?

No, the Vita has its own special memory stick, it is not the same as the pro duo cards used by the PSP1000-3000 series.

Can a memory card be used in multiple devices?

It depends if these multiple devices use the exact same memory card type.

Does a PSP 3000 charger work on a PSP 1000?

Yes, all the PSP chargers are the same. The PSP 3000's 5V charger works fine on a PSP 1000.

Which type of flash memory card looks the same and is interchangeable with a MicroSD card?

TransFlash Card

Is data card and memory card same thing?

yes it is simply a card to save were you stoped on a game.

What does an sd card do in a netbook?

an sd card in anything does the same thing ...... Stores memory

Can you put a sim card inside where the TF card is suppose to be and it will work?

A TF card is a memory card and is not the same as a SIM card.