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You can set the thrust idle point, which means that if you pull the levers back beyond that your get reverse thrust.

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Q: Does the logitech G940 have reverse thrust?
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Is a thrust fault a normal fault?

No. A thrust fault is a low-angle reverse fault.

What is a fault that is formed when compression causes the hanging wall to move over the foot wall is a?

This is called a reverse or thrust fault.

What fault with a shallow angle is a thrust fault?


A thrust fault is a what fault with a shallow angle?


In A Blank Fault The Hanging Wall Moves Up Relative To The Footwall?

Reverse Fault

What fault is caused by compressional forces?

Reverse / thrust faults.

Why are thrust fault reverse faults and folds commonly found in the same place?

Thrust faults and reverse faults are essentially the same, the only difference being the angle: thrust faults have a shallow angle of 45 degrees or less from horizontal. Reverse (thrust) faults and folds usually indicate rock being compressed. In many cases folds develop along reverse faults as one fault block is dragged along another, with an anticline forming in the hanging wall.

Do airplane have reverse gear?

Not in the conventional sense, but some turbine aircraft can reverse the propeller thrust while on the ground.

How do you reverse in flight simulator?

If you are at the the gates of an airport and you ready for pushback, press "Ctrl+P" to start the pushback and quickly select "1" or "2" to select the direction of the pushback. if you mean Reverse as in Reverse thrust once the aircraft has touched down, press and hold "F2" to activate reverse thrust.

Can a thrust fault be referred to as a dip slip fault?

Yes. Both thrust (reverse) and normal faults are dip-slip faults.

Is a thrust fault the same as normal fault?

No. A thrust fault is a reverse fault with a dip angle of less than 45 degrees.

Do commercial jets always have to use reverse thrust?

No, but they will require a much longer runway if they plan to land without thrust reversers.