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If you want to download games, and movies to your wii go to Its amazing. I use it and the movies are high quality, and you can download any game you want. Saves me money on games and movies. Its great!

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Q: Does the freeloader work for the wii?
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How can you make a PAL Wii game work on a US Wii?

With freeloader you might be able to. For those of you who don't know, it's a disk that is designed to get a Wii to play games from a different region.

Will American Wii games work on a European Wii?

No, it's region locked. This is not always true. There is a way you can play them. You could either install a modchip, which would require you having to open your Wii and solder on wires, which is potentially bad for your console, or you could buy a Freeloader. It is a disc that you insert into your Wii, let it do it's thing, take it out, and put in your English disc! Unfortunately Nintendo are stopping this from happening. They are making updates that stop the Freeloader from working. So make sure you either haven't updated your console, or update it to version 3.2.

Will UK Nintendo Wii games work on a US Nintendo Wii?

No, The two types of consoles have different region encoding. This is called Region Lockout (or Region Lock). They are incompatible. UK games will not work on a US wii. The UK use a PAL (Phase Alternating Line) system whereas the US use NTSC (National Television System Committee). There is a CD called Freeloader which should allow you to play games from different regions on your US wii. i.e JP and UK games will work on the US wii with the CD

How do you get the freeloader for Wii?

you buy it from eBay, amazon .etc. it is around £9.99-£14.54 new it does not break your Nintendo wii (DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE IT THEY'RE NOT REALLY ALLOWED IF YOU USE THEM TO GET FREE GAMES!!!!!) ENJOY

Do Xbox CD work on Wii?

No. Only Wii discs will work with the Wii console

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Why Wii freeloader doesn't work?

a freeloader will work on Wii unless the Wii is updated pass 3.2

When was Wii Freeloader created?

Wii Freeloader was created in 2008-03.

UK wii but you are relocating to the US Will your Wii work there a with games you already own UK b with games you purchase in the US?

US games don't work with UK Wii consoles. Unless you use Freeloader then it's impossible. And if you do use Freeloader then you won't be able to update your Wii or it will stop working (The Freeloader). Hope this helped, and have a good life in the US :D

Does my Japanese Naruto work on my German Wii?

It won't unless you use a freeloader.

Will an American Wii work in the Mainland China?

I moved to China from Canada. I brought my Wii but it does not work here :(

Will US Wii games work on a Japanese Wii console?

Unfortunately, no. But you can buy a Wii Freeloader from Amazon, although this may stop working due to Nintendo's updates to the wii.

Will Wii Freeloader Brick your Wii?

if it would brick you wii, nobody sell it i think it will not brick your wii

How can you make a PAL Wii game work on a US Wii?

With freeloader you might be able to. For those of you who don't know, it's a disk that is designed to get a Wii to play games from a different region.

How can you get a us wii game to work on a UK console?

Buy the Wii Freeloader by Datel. It is available online on Just make sure you buy the correct one.

Will a wii fit board bought in Canada work in UK wii console?

Yes. Why shouldn't it? NOT 100% TRUE The balance board will work but the game won't. All Wii games regardless of what region they are from are region locked. If you have firmware 3.2 or lower purchase a UK Freeloader from amazon or playasia ( a boot disk that allows you to bypass region locking ) use that. However if you do have the latest firmware or update in the future then Freeloader won't work. After 3.2 freeloader is blocked :( Or if your lucky enough to find some one with UK pal Wii Fit game and the need a USA wiifit game you are laughing any other advise please contact me i am happy to help ##MannieOvMajestik :P##

Is there a Wii freeloader?

There is no official Wii freeloader. Though there is a trick that will let you play import games! 1. Turn on your wii 2. Put in an American Gamecube Disc 3. Go to the Disc channel 4. When you press start immediately eject the American Gamecube Disc and switch it with your import game. 5. Ta Da! it will work just gotta understand the language.

How can you play Naruto gekitou ninja taisen ex 2 on us wii?

Use a freeloader