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only when you get the national pokedex which you get when you have caught 60 pokemon. then go to prof. oak and he will giv u the dex. THEN the elite 4 gets harder

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Q: Does the elite four get harder and harder every time you beat them in Pokemon leaf green?
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What do you do after you beat the elite four in Pokemon leaf green?

Catch mewtwo and you can still battle the elite 4 anytime, but note, they get harder everytime

How do you beat the elite four in leaf green?

you need Pokemon that are strong and that an effective advantage over every elite four trainer. to beat the champion u need various Pokemon that have advantage types

How do you steal elite four Pokemon on all Pokemon games?

go on Pokemon firered and leaf green serrebi .net

Where do you beat the elite to get to 8 and 9 island in leaf green?

in the Pokemon league!

How do you get to Island 1 in Pokemon Leaf Green and beat the elite 4?

get the rinbowpass

Ive beaten the gyms elite 4 champion trainer tower every trainer in the game got to the 7 islands got the ruby and emerald what do you do now on Pokemon leaf green?

Train pokemon, beat your friends, get all the pokemon.

Is venesuar good against the Elite 4 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

not realy get diffrent types in leaf green to beat the elite four

Who is lorlei?

she is the first elite four trainer you have to fight in Pokemon firered or leaf green

What do you do after beating the Elite Four a second time in Pokemon leaf green?

get the ruby sapphire

Where will professor oak come after defeating the elite four in Pokemon leaf green?


How do you clone a Pokemon before you beat the elite four in leaf green?

im sorry but you cant???????????

How do you migrate Pokemon from leafgreen to Pokemon Pearl?

u have to go beat elite four then put in leaf green then turn it off it will say migrate from leaf green leave number