Does the PSP need a memory card?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The SONY PSP doesn't necessarily need a Memory Card to function. And by function i mean to play a game or use the internet but up to now SONY PSP's are sold with no internal memory which means if you want to have Pictures, Videos, Music, and save game data you need to have a memory card.

So basically you need the memory card if you want to use the PSP to its intended use.

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Q: Does the PSP need a memory card?
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Do you need a memory card to game share on a PSP?

YES, you do need a memory card to game share on a PSP!!!

Do you need a memory card for games on the PSP or pictures on the PSP?

You will need a memory stick for ALL things you want saved on the PSP.

How you know which type of memory card does the psp need?

the psp needs a memory stick duo

Do you need a memory card to play psp games?

yes u need to have a memory card to save games,but if u have a psp go u have 16 gigs of memory to save on

Does the Psp 3000 need a memory card made just for the psp or can it be a regular memory card?

It needs a Memory Stick brand memory card, which is a special one made by Sony for Sony products.

Do you need a memory card to get internet on psp?

no , you need wifi connection

Can you get a bigger memory card for the PSP?

Yes, the largest memory card for the PSP is the 8gb.

Can you put a bigger memory card on a psp?

Yes you can get the 8gb Psp Memory Card By Sony.

Can you put a memory stick pro duo into a psp go?

No, for the PSP go you need an M2 card.

When you first get a psp will you need some memory card to save your game?

Yes. The PSP's own internal flash memory is to store system settings like the clock, and personal preferences. To save game data, you need a Max Duo memory card.

Does the psp come with a memory stick?

The PSP does not need a memory stick. All that does is save game progress.

Do you need a magic memory stick when hacking a psp with a Pandora battery?

A 'magic memory stick' is a specially prepared memory card, and a Pandora's battery. Either way, you need the new firmware on a memory card.