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Yes, Scyther will evolve in Pokémon Crystal however it needs to be holding the Metal Coat while you're trading it in order for it to evolve.

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Q: Does syther evolve on Pokemon Crystal?
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How do you evolve syther in Pokemon liquid crystal?

Get Scyther to Lvl 41 and it should evolve. Pokemon Liquid Crystal Only.

When does your Syther in Pokemon SoulSilver evolve into Sizor?

You have to trade your Syther with a Metal Coat to get it to evolve into Scizor.

How do you evolve syther in Pokemon platinum?

make syther hold a metal coat and link trade it

How does syther evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

good question. you tell me.

What level does syther evolve in Pokemon crater?

you have to get the metal coat and go to your Pokemon and click evolve. hope i helped :)

At what level does pigeotto evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

In pokemon crystal Pigeotto evolve in 36lvl

Can sneasel evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

No, Sneasel cannot evolve in Crystal.

How do you evolve misdreavus in Pokemon Crystal?

You cannot evolve Misdreavus in Crystal.

In which level syther evolve in Pokemon gold?

scyther evolves using a metal coat on whatever level he is on.

What Pokemon evolves from a metal coat on Pokemon white?

You can evolve an onix and a syther, both you have to trade and trade back holding the item

When does syther evolve?

trade it with a metal coat and it will evolve

How does syther evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Scyther will evolve into Scizor once you trade it to another player's game while it's holding a Metal Coat.