Does sonic love rouge

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Sonic Battle Rouge flirted with Sonic.

Sonic Chronicles makes a hint on this.

Rouge have some attention to Sonic, but we still can't say what's this.

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Q: Does sonic love rouge
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Is sonic in love with rouge?

Yes, he is in love with Rouge.

Does rouge love shadow or kuckels?

shadow love rouge yes,but knux is love tikal no rouge this is a true!!!!!!!! Rouge is in love with Knuckles. It was revealed in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. And Shadow loves no one. rouge loves knuckles cause she always flared with him in sonic x

When did sonic meet rouge?

sonic met rouge in sonic hereos when his team-team sonic-(sonic,knuckles, and tails) were fighting with team dark (shadow,rouge and omega)

Who is knuckles really in love with?

Knuckles is in love with a girl named Juliana Buongiovanni

Does knuckles love rouge or sonia?

Okay, Knuckles loves Rouge. Not only did SEGA confirm it, but Sonia won't be incorporated in anymore Sonic games. Rouge is a major character and will be reincorporated. So yes, Knuckles and Rouge do love each other.

Who does Rouge the Bat love besides Shadow and Knuckles?

A Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 game guide says Rouge has feelings for both Shadow and Knuckles, and nobody else was mentioned. She does not love Tails as she only kissed him on the cheek in Sonic X to lure him into doing something for her. Rouge is also known to flirt with many males in the Sonic series as of her flirtatious nature.

Are Rouge and Shadow dating in Sonic-X and all the Sonic video games?

No they aren't. Although Rouge does have a crush on Sonic.

Is rouge in sonic unleashed?

Rouge flirted with Sonic in the begining of this game. During your adventure you can speak with Rouge about different threads (including her opinion about Knuckles). Rouge also asked Sonic to help in her mission. Sonic Chronicles shows some warm relations between Sonic and Rouge. It mostly depends on what your answer/reply will be once you talk to Rouge. So, this game makes some hints of this. And I like Amy's jealousy at this! >=3

Who is rouge from Sonic?

Rouge, aka Rouge The Bat: is a jewel thief who has tried to steal the chaos emeralds/Master Emerald more than once in the Sonic games, and is more commonly aligned with Shadow The Hedgehog or Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the descendant of Dr. Gerald Robotnik: the man who created Shadow The Hedgehog)

What sonic games are rouge playable?

Rouge can be played as in... Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Battle sonic riders That is all I can think of.

Did sonic first date rouge the bat?

No sonic didn't date rouge. Wish he did though!

Will Rouge be in Sonic Unleashed?

Sorry but Rouge is not in Unleashed