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Marcus 0560 9336 4881 meet me in the wifi room at 2:00pm tuesdays

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Q: Does someone wants to trade an arceus for a jirachi lv 90 or someone else you say it and my palpad name is JO and palpad number is 1935 2928 7501?
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How do you make friends in Pokemon FireRed?

AnswerThe only friends *in* the game I know of are people at your fan club. To make them like you more - battle with friends over a link cable or wireless. The more you battle different trainers over other versions, the more your fans will grow and like you. Uh... NEWSFLASH!!!!!you have no friends in those games. your character is lame! that goes for everyones character including mine. L A M E lame. pathetic. pointless. no friends what-so-ever. now that I got that out of my system I'll answer you Question. the only friends in that game are on what I think is called a palpad. I could be wrong about the name, but otherwise yeah. you get them by battling them in the multiplayer place. in case you haven't piced it up yet, the "friends" are other peoples characters.FYI to answer #1, the fan clubs in the Hoen region gamesNot true. Fire red has a fanclub.

Can you please trade me a level 100 Deoxys for a level 100 regigigas I have diamond with wi-fi and my friend code is 4597 8498 8512 I am on now 1030 central time on September eighteeth 2009?

ok Saturday 19 2009 my code for diamond/pearl is 5328-0144-9258 platinum 4294-8949-1934 12:00 afternoon til WHENEVER YOU RESPONDE ---------------------- okay! I will see you at 12pm tomorrow, but which game will you trade me on? Also, I have to metion that the regigigas is from Toys R Us and will unlock the three regis in platinum. well, ill see you tomorrow. so which game do you want to trade on? Also, is your deoxys lvl.100? my regigigas can give you an item! what do you want? if you can, i'd like deep sea tooth or some other evolution item if you want or nothing is perfectly suitable for me! I don't have every item, so yeah... well you choose dawn stone,oval stone,sun stone,root fossil or about any plate. Maybe even a masterball? Oh yeah you choose i really don't care which game. ---------- I will give you a sun stone or any fossil you want...I will choose platinum as long as your deoxys is lvl 100! :) cool so I'll get my deoxys ready for my platinum and I'll give you a fossil. sup if anyone wrote down my diamond code well sorry but it was changed 3094 6396 0805 your deoxys is attack form ------------------------------ i love attack form! great! You don't have to give me a fossil...i have too many. a water stone would be nice but if you don't have one, i don't need an item...:) so yeah! cool. the moves for the regigigas if you want to know is icy wind, crush grip, rock slide, and iron head. Calm nature, likes to fight, likes bitter food. Its moves are really good and it was used to win many elite four battles. I really arent too familiar with the wifi thing, so if you could give me a hand...just tell me what to do. Ok if you've got platinum or diamond/pearl you go downstairs in the Pokemon center go to the second lady towards the left when talking to her you'll see wifi club click (a) to continue talking and you should be their after the pichu pikachu load if platinum there will be a big tv in front of you click trade and just wait. Oh yeah go to your pal pad and give me your friend code i need it to trade you.===========whats platinums friend code? it says its wrong...i put in the 3094-one and that worked. anyway can we quick do it right now? :)oh and my code is in the title of this question! 4597 8498 8512 my platinum code is 4296 8949 1934 and sure. im waitingsorry ill be there in a minute...all of my palpad pals were deleted. sorry one second ok well you typed it in right.... yes i did and im connecting! ok go to the panel and click trade if you are playing plantinum remember stay down stairs at the Pokemon center. where r u on the game hold your ds in the sky to get a connection . I thought you were connected. im sorry but im getting a little curious are you holding your ds up... r u playing platinum its been 40 minutes if you don't want it i understand just tell me today or tomorrow if you want it im not sure it'll let you trade diamond with platinum so tomorrow at twelve noon I'll trade you with my diamond. Well it depends if you respond before i go to sleep its 12.40 right now. RESPOND TOMMORROW 12:00-2:00 that's how long I'll wait ok. 10.30 right now you can trade I want to trade now something bad happened last night with the cable...11am! what friend code do you want me to use?I have a new code: its 2536 2939 7611

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Does anyone want a phione manaphy Arceus electivire red Gyarados shiny Eevee?

, I olso want to trade some Pokemon (arceus and shiny eevee) I don't know wich Pokemon you want but here are a few that I can trade: -ho-oh (shiny (Lv 100) or not (Lv 72) you chose) -entei (Lv 46) -raikou ( Lv 100 or 44) -suicune (Lv 40) -any jotho starter -rayquaza (Lv 100) -deoxys (Lv 35) -mew (Lv 50 or more) -Jirachi (Lv 5 or 90) (maybe a celebi) if you want someone else you let me know my name is JO and my palpad number is 1935 2928 7501 or you could mail me at "" ( no capital letters) please let me know something

Where can you get the palpad?

any pokecenter lower floor.

Pokemon diamond-how do i get people on palpad?

put in somebodys nickname

Palpad on soul silver?

The same way you get it in Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where do you get the palpad in poke'mon diamond?

by talking to a nurse in the Pokemon center basement

How do you get palpad codes and names online in Pokemon?

you have to get other peoples friendcodes and share yours with them and put it in your palpad if you some friendcodes and find other Pokemon trainers visit palspad

How do you become friends on Pokemon diamond?

Open your bag and find your PalPad, if you don't have a PalPad, just go to the Pokecenter basement and you will get one. If you have a wireless trade or battle, you will be asked to add that person in your PalPad. That is the easiest way. The other way is by manually typing each others friend codes into your PalPads. Now you can have Wi-Fi battles together and do other stuff over Wi-Fi

If Pokemon ruby is in a ds how do you get events from Pokemon XD onto it?

i think with a palpad or something...

How do you know your own friend code?

you go to your palpad and select my friend code or ______'s friend code and it will tell you

How do you get palpad in pearl?

whenever you go to oreburgh go to the pkmn cntr and go down the escalator and talk to the first receptionists.

How do you find your friend code in soul silver?

Open up your palpad in the key items pocket of the bag. and press {your player name here}'s friend code.

If you think your strong tell me and ill kill you ive never been beaten my my palpad is mark and code is2364 1638 5746?

me mark is the kingofthekings and the Pokemon game im talkin about is Pokemon pearl