Does shadow like maria

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes shadow really like maria he kept thinking about her but he sad about maria dying
Yes, in Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog has romantic feelings towards Maria.

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They like each other but they aren't in love. They're like brother and sister. Try having one friend in the whole world and having them die. That's depressing kiddo.

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Q: Does shadow like maria
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Why does shadow like maria?

Shadow likes Maria because Maria saved him and took care of him when Shadow was young. But Shadow does not like like Maria. He only likes her as a best friend.

When and why did shadow join sonic and stop fighting him?

cuz shadow thinks about maria and then maria says *shadow i want you to help people* OR something like that

Is rosalina and shadow the hedgehog a couple?

No that is shadow and maria like blaze and sonic

Who is molly and why shadow like her?

Molly apeards in Sonic x and Shadow like her cause it reminds him about Maria Robotnick by the way she died

Does shadow love maria in sonicx?

Shadow loves Maria as a friend but not as a lover

Are Maria and Shadow the Hedgehog related?

Shadow and Maria are not biologically related, however it's assumed that Shadow and Maria shared a brother-sister bond.

Does shadow like blaze?

I'd say he likes her as a friend.

Who in maria in shadow the hedgehog?

shadow's girlfriend

What is maria the hedgehogs personality?

she is a tomboy she is best friends with blaze and shadow and sonic is in love with maria

Why is maria so important to shadow?

Maria was kind of like a big sister to Shadow, as she was there during his creation, and she was his first friend, though not much is said about how they met, probably had something to do with Professor Gerald.

When did shadow start liking Amy rose?

when he rialised that amy is just like maria

Was shadow really brought to earth to save it?

prof. Gerald (egg man's grand father) built shadow and he was built to save the world but egg man tricked shadow to get him to ruin the world with hm but after shadow got into maria maria told shadow exactly why he was brought in earth and shadow loved maria so he listened, ITS EGG MAN THAT TRICKED SHADOW MARIA SAID THE RIGHT THING