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no....but quick game does n ladder exp+missions

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Q: Does private game count for misions in Naruto arena?
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How do you become a chunin on naruto arena?

You Battle opponents in the ladder rank matches until you make it up to level 11 or 12 (cant remember sorry) but i think its level 11. Dont bother about doing private or quick games, as they dont count towards your exp.

Is there an online Naruto game like runescape?

No,there isn't exactly a Naruto game like Runescape.But there is a game called The Ninja RPG(you can sign up for The Ninja RPG .And there also is Uzumaki Online(it isn't really that fun NOTE:only six people have joined Uzumaki Online).Or the most know Naruto game that is online that I guess you could count as a type of RPG is Naruto Arena.There is also a site called ninjamanager it is not as hard as naruto arena but just as fun.

Was there any kisses in Naruto Shippuden?

No, unless you count that one kiss Naruto had with Sasuke (again) in the filler arc in episode 194

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Really all you have to do is type in Naruto Shippuden. You see the ratings then you buy! They count it on iTunes as a tv show.

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Does naruto defeat madara Uchiha?

The actual question is "Will Naruto defeat Madara Uchiha?" It hasn't happened yet, you see.Because Naruto is the protagonist while Madara as the antagonist, chances are extremely high. If I were you, I would count on it.

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In the naruto ccg does a squad ninja count as 1 ninja or 2?

It counts as 1 ninja.

In naruto-arena what is a good team for Rock Lee for rock leeS?

lots of people say rock lee gaara ino but yeah that will work vuse that team in quick games dont worry quick games count as missions but for me i use rock Curse seal sasuke and kankuro or haku rock lee kankuro if u have any questions mssage me on naruto arena my names gojessego hope i helped!! xD Here is another good team to unlock rock leeS try using lee, naruto and sasuke it will work because lee and sasuke can attack while nauto defends by using stuns. Have fun!! hope this help you.

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What are all the episodes you see naruto use the nine tail fox?

This is a silly question as someone would have to watch every episode and count, which is hardly easy. My guess would have to be around 200 episodes of Naruto And Naruto S