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No that feature is for the PS3 and it is in 1080p resolution if your playing the movie on a 1080p HDTV, with an HDMI chord (I don't know if component cables play in 1080 or just 720)

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Q: Does playstation play Blu-ray in 1080i?
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How do you play an HDMI bluray on a 1080I tv with no HDMI port?

Use the component connectors instead.

How do you get the bluray dics to play on playstation 3?

you just go through your menu until you get to video and choose movie

What is the lowest HD a PlayStation play in?

A PlayStation 3 can Play in 480i which is not HD at all. The PS3 supports these Video resolutions 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (24p/60p) according to the Specifications from the related link

Can PlayStation 1 games be played on a PlayStation 3?

I have a PlayStation 3 and it only plays ps3 games and the bluray movies. I have tried to play Ps2 games and it said it was not supported, so ps1 is definatly not supported.

Can PlayStation 2 play movies?

Short Answer: NoA stock PS2 will play PlayStation games, PlayStation 2 games, DVD movies and audio CDs. That is all. The PS2 homebrew community, however, has developed SMS player that has the ability to play Divx, Xvid, and mp3 files.

Do all PlayStation 3 consoles feature bluray?


Does the Toshiba C55t-A play bluray?

Yes, the Toshiba C55T does play the bluray.

How do you get films on the PS3?

Netflix Playstation store DVD BluRay discs

Does a Bluray drive play cds?

Yes all bluray drives will play cds.

Is a computer known as a play station?

A PlayStation is a kind of computer that is typically used for playing video games. PlayStation is the brand name used by the Sony corporation for their gaming machine. It can also play BluRay discs, stream multimedia and allow internet access.

How do you get a Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray discs in 1080i on a 1080i hdtv set at 1080i?

Just put the blu ray disc in and play it if your hdtv is already set at 1080i and so is your blu ray player and then it will play it with the 1080i picture and sound and I garentee you it will work and it'll be like having your own mini theater in your own home that you control ! =). If your in the persons same situation who aked this question on this webpage on the this website and you figure it all out just how I did and expland it here, you'll be happy you've read my answer already! =). I hope my answer helps out anyone whos in this same situation and whos read this also!.

Can a Sony DVD player play a Blu-ray DVD?

A DVD player cannot play a BluRay disc. A BluRay player can play both BluRay discs and DVDs.