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They do try to color coordinate them, though it is not always matching

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Q: Does pat sajak's tie always match vanna's dress?
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What you can match with a grey dress?

if depends on the features of the dress

Do a crimson dress match with blue pearls?

No it wouldn't pink or white pearls would match with a Crimson coloured dress

Is there a way I can dye my gloves to match my dress?

Yes, there are dyes on the market that will allow you to dye your gloves to match up with your dress.

What color eyeshadow should you wear with your navy blue and white dress?

you should where navy blue and a pearly white. Always try to match!

Is the Golden Prom Dress a member rare item and how do you get it on Fantage?

The Golden prom dress is NOT a member item! The golden prom dress is no longer available but the purple prom dress is still available! 3 sapphires to get it! Go get it now, but maybe it wouldn't really be the purple prom dress as they always mix and match!

What color nail polish do you wear with a gold dress?

gold to match my dress!

What color shoe goes with a maroon dress with silver beads at the top strapless dress?

I would say either silver to match the beads, or maroon to match the dress. it's up to you.

What color of dress that match yellow shoes?

Complete the match with black and yellow dresses

What color shoes for a lagoon dress?

For a lagoon dress, you have to see what colors are in the dress and match the shoes with that specific color. Hope i helped : )

What color dress should you wear to match with a neon orange color dress?

neon dark blue

What color shoes for dark denim dress?

possibly gold or silver high heels; what does the dress look like? you can put on any color accessories that match the dress and put on some heels, flats,or pumps that match the accessories.

What color dress shirt will match with a sea-green dress?

what colors should i use on my eye shadow if I'm wearing a green dress?