Does have a virus

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Its a Myth.They only actual way to get a virus is, downloading unknown resources,receiving links OR going to unknown links.

Even if there were viruses on newgrounds,just scan it with your Anti-Virus Program, if you have one >_>

Hope it helped

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Q: Does have a virus
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Is newgroundscom safe?

The Newgrounds website is based on user submitted flash content, and as far as I can tell, everything content-wise on the site is 100% safe, considering they have bots and admins scraping the scum off almost immediately after its posting. The ads and other non-site additions cannot be spoken for, however.

Is Ebola a virus or bacteria?

It is a virus. Ebola is a RNA virus.

That the cold virus is an active virus or a hidden virus?

active virus

What is the scientific word for virus?

The scientific word for virus is "virus."

Kinds of virus?

There are about nine types of computer viruses. They include the boot sector virus. the browser hijacker, direct action virus, file infector virus, macro virus, Multipartite Virus, Polymorphic Virus, Resident Virus, and Web Scripting Virus.

What is an email virus not a cumputer virus?

An email virus is a virus that is distributed through emails. It is still a computer virus.

What are the Example of program virus?

this are sunday virus, cascade virus, professors virus.

Is Ebola Virus a fungus?

No. Ebola is a virus. No virus is a fungus and no fungus is a virus.

Is bronchitis a virus or bacteria?


What a hidden virus?

a hidden virus is were your virus is hidden so you have a virus but you can't see it. so its called a hidden virus.

What does a cell and virus have in common?

What a cell and a virus have in common is the RNA or DNA. The virus can be either a RNA virus or a DNA virus.

Was the influenza virus a hidden virus?

No it is an active virus.