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Um , as far as I can tell , Medieval II: Total War Only operates on Windows 2000/XP

Here are the full system Requirements.

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Q: Does medieval ii total war work on mac?
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Can you buy medieval 2 total war for the mac?


Does empire total war work on the imac?

Yes, it will work on Mac.

How do mercenaries work on Medieval Total War?

you hire to fill in when you are down on soldiers

Will Medieval total war work on a mac?

the short answer is no. but you could create a partitioned hard drive (called Bootcamp) with the newest Mac OS (it tells you easily how to do this) and load a copy of Windows 7 into it. When you start up your Mac you have the option of going into normal "Mac mode" or into Windows. Once there, install the game as normal.

When the medieval total war is released?

medieval total war was launched in 2002 and the viking pack was launched in 2003, the medieval 2 total war game was launched in 2006

Do you need medieval 2 for third age total war to work?

No, actually. You just need Medieval 2:TW system components.

How do you get to the Americas in Medieval 2 Total War?

Get total war medieval 2 gold edition. Its on amazon for 10 bucks

Which is better medieval total war 2 or shogun total war?

total war shogun 2

Is medieval total war 3d?

no the first 3d total war is empire

Downloadable medieval fighting games?

Medieval: Total War. Google it!

What are the ratings and certificates for Medieval Total War - 2002 VG?

Medieval Total War - 2002 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

What year in the does medieval 2 total war start?

Medieval 2 Total War starts in 1033 just after Duke William claims the English Throne.