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Yes, Builder's club is $5.95 per month, Turbo Builder's Club costs $11.95 per month, and Outrageous Builders Club costs $19.95 a month. There are also options to purchase longer terms of Builder's club. For more information, see the Roblox website.

If you don't have enough dollars in your bank account, you can transport your money in a mail package to ROBLOX HQ then they'll active your Builder's Club activation.And i swear i wish it was free!

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Q: Does it cost money to get Builder's Club on roblox?
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Is Roblox .com free?

Yes but if you want to become a builder in the builders club it does cost money.

Does Roblox cost money?

Roblox is free to play, but to get Builders Club which gives you more features and perks as well as additional Robux you need to use real money to get them.

Roblox Outrageous Builders Club Lifetime Cost?

$349.95 Canadian dollars

How do you be builders club?

Go to the builders club page and get biulders club. Cost money. REAL MONEY like $299.99

How much does ordinary builders club cost on roblox for 6 months?

$29.95 for 6 months. If you have any more questions, contact me on roblox at Lauro99.

How does Roblox cost?

Joining Roblox is free but you have to pay if you want to upgrade to Builders club in order to make groups, get robux, join more groups etc.

How much does a roblox membership card cost?

Well ROBLOX Cards cost 10$ or 25$. If you go to redeem code on builders club they will have 30 days for 10. The best place to get a ROBLOX card is 7-11.

How do you sign up for builder's club on Roblox?

You go to the "Builders Club" page and then click the type and the cost of the BC kind the fill out all the information.

Why does builders club on roblox cost only dollars you live in England and use pou nds so how do you get it?

When you pay your credit car or whatever you use will automatically convert the money from yours into USD.

When you want to pay for builders club for roblox do you have to pay dollars?

You can pay with any currency. If you pay with a credit card the cost will automatically be converted from USD to your currency.

How much does builders club cost on roblox?

Its based on the trade rate of Dollars to British Pounds, find out here:

Can you buy builders club with?

The only thing u can by biulders club ( BC ) with is real money. it can cost any were from $5.00-$400.00