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yes it is super effective

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Q: Does ice type Pokemon effect ground type polemon?
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What is thunders weakness in Pokemon?

Use Ground-Type Pokemon cause Electric-Type moves DOES NOT effect Ground-Type Pokemon!

Does ground type moves effect flying type Pokemon?

No, they do not.

What is good against ground Pokemon?

Water type moves and Grass type moves. Electric moves will have no effect. Flying types and Pokemon with levitate ability are good as ground-type moves have no effect against them.

What type Pokemon beats electric?

Ground Pokemon can defeat electric Pokemon.

What is the effect of ground water?

a ground attack on a water type Pokemon does half the damage

Are electric moves effective to ground moves?

Electric moves are effective against ground pokemon but will do little damage... Water pokemon will have the most effect!

What type of Pokemon is super effect to steel type?

Fire, Fighting and Ground moves are all super-effective against Steel-type pokemon.

Electric type Pokemon weak to what type Pokemon?

yes it is, when u attack a electric Pokemon with a dark Pokemon it as no effect.

Which kind of Pokemon do the best vs electric Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Ground type Pokémon as electric moves have no effect on them.

What is the ground starter Pokemon?

There are no Ground-type Starter Pokemon that are initially Ground-type. However, Mudkip evolves into Swampert, which is a Water/Ground-type Pokemon.

What are thunder type Pokemon weak to?

ground/rock type pokemon. ground/rock type pokemon are not affected by electric type moves. you should defeat ground/rock type pokemon with water type pokemon.

What Pokemon works best to defeat the leaf green electric gym leader?

you should use fire or ground pokemon.. electric type moves don't effect rock or ground pokemon...