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not that we know of. my friend beat it on legendary yesterday he has a retail copy got shipped early and it was the same as the normal one. he did it on co-op there might be one if u do it by yourself

EDIT: I beat the game on legendary alone and still nothing.

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Q: Does halo reach have a legendary ending?
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Does halo reach have a legendary ending if you do it by yourself?

No you still die at the end.

Does Halo 2 have a legendary ending?

Halo 2 does not have a legendary ending. It is the same ending as if you did Halo 2 on easy, normal or heroic.

How can you get the halo reach legendary edition?

you pre-order Halo reach

How do you get the flaming helmet in halo reach?

Work for bungie, or buy the legendary edition of halo: reach.

What does the Halo reach legendary edition come with?

the halo reach legendary edition comes with extra armour for Spartans and elites as well as a model of Nobel squad

Is there a third ending to Halo 3?

yes there is another ending but you have to finish it on legendary ANSWER the guy above me is half right, there is an ending if you beat the campaign on anything below legendary,and an extended ending when you beat it on legendary -roxas uchiha

Where can you find the halo 4 legendary ending?

Cureently, no lengendary ending have been released. They release the ending once Halo 4 comes out.If there is no lengenday ending, contact me.-Ocelot

How much is halo reach?

Halo Reach will be at the "low" price of 59.99. However other versions such as the legendary edition, will be 149.99! If your not a Halo collector, go for the 59.99 one.

Does it cost money to get flaming head in halo reach?

Yep. You have to have the legendary edition of Halo Reach, and it costs anywhere form $140-$180.

what level of hard does it have to get to the secret room on glacier in halo reach?


What difficulty do you have to be on in halo reach to make a banshee become a dropship?


If you pre order halo reach will you get recon?

Any preorder of Halo: Reach will get you the Recon Helmet for free use in Halo: Reach ONLY. If you preorder the Legendary Edition you will receive the Bungie flaming helmet.