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Yes, the minecraft account is free, just not a premium one.

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Q: Does getting a Minecraft account free?
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Is there any way of getting a free Minecraft Beta account?


Is it possible to get a minecraft account for free?

No. You must buy one. Getting one for free is illegal.

Where to go when you want a free Minecraft account?

Anyone can register a free Minecraft account on the Minecraft website.

Is signing up for Minecraft free?

The signup for a Minecraft account is free. But purchasing Minecraft (or getting a premium account, however you want to say it) is not free, unless somebody gives you a gift code. As of right now, I believe Minecraft is around $27 to buy. Note: Downloading Minecraft is free. But if you log into the Minecraft launcher without purchasing Minecraft, it will say something like "User not Premium". Download Minecraft: Sign up a Minecraft Account:

Can you make a Minecraft account for free?

No. You need to pay $26.95 to get a Minecraft account.

Can I Get A Free Minecraft Alt?

No, it is not possible to get a second account in minecraft for free. If you would like a second account you will have to buy it.

Where to get free Minecraft account?

you just have to sign up on the minecraft website.

Is registering for a Minecraft account free?

Yes it is.But if you want to download the game you have to pay. So overall registering a minecraft account is free.

Is an account on planet minecraft free?

Yes it is

Do you need an account on minecraft online free?


Is a regular minecraft account free?

no, you have to buy it.

Is a games like minecraft account free?

You can get a free Minecraft account, but you need to pay to upgrade it to a premium one before you can play the full game.