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Only if it works and the label is intact.

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Q: Does game stop accept DS games without a case?
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Can you trade in psp games without a case?

Hi! NO! The case is protecting the disc, so the game with out it is deadly for the disc.

Can you trade in Nintendo DS games without a case?

Yes, you can trade games without the game case. However, many people do not like having only the cartridge so it may be difficult to find some who would be willing to trade for it.

Can you sell a game in game stop without case?


Will EA accept game ideas from fans?

If you want to make games, get a job there -.-

Can you return a game without it case?


Do baseball games work with the Kinect?

Only Kinect games work with the Kinect. If the baseball game is a Kinect game than yes it does. If the baseball is a regular baseball game than no. Kinect supported games have a purple case whilst regular 360 games have a green case.

Where can you get a DS case that holds your DS and games?

Dick smith, GAME and eb games

Are all of sonic the hedghogs games aniversial games or just games?

Only the titles that came out on the anniversaries where labeled with the anniversary year on them. Copies of these games can be found without the label as well. The copies with the labels on them are no different from the original games with only the label being put on the game case or even in the game credits. The same could be said for the Greatest Hits versions of games.

Can you trade DS games at game stop that do not have a case?

yes they will but it has to work

Can you trade mp3 players at eb games?

No you cannot, EB games, now Gamestop, does not accept anything for trade besides video games and video game accessories.

Can you play game add ons without owning the game?

No, not usually. Mostly, you need to own the core game. There are some episodes of games that you can play without owning the original, but they are separate games, not add-ons.

Why Is it not permissible to accept a free copy of a computer game or program from a friend?

Computer Games & Programs are protected legally by their Designers & Developers. They work hard & spend huge time and money on the development. Using or Distributing Softwares and Games without owners permission is breach to their rights.