Does cole die in infamous 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes cole died at the end when you fight the beast in new marias

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Q: Does cole die in infamous 2?
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Is infamous 2 the last game of all the infamous franchise?

no because in 2014 they make a game called infamous second son BUT your not cole your delsin rowe

What type of backpack does Cole have in infamous?

its a sling backpack AKA messenger bags Cole was a courier that's why he is always wearing the messenger bag

Does cole die on gears of war 3?

No he does not die in GOW3

Why is Cole alive in infamous festival of blood?

Considering the range of powers Cole has access to before being turned, Festival of Blood appears to take place between acquiring one of the last 2 or 3 Blast Cores and the final mission of inFamous 2. That is, of course, if it's not Zeke just spinning a tale to score with Cat. Would be interesting to have the DLC end up being canon, draining the Beast could be a 3rd option, one that lets Zeke gain powers, since it appeared from Mary's reaction that vampirism could be transferred to more than just Conduits. Might just be wishful thinking on my part.

What is Infamous about?

Infamous is about this guy named Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who lives in Empire City. One day, he accidentally delivers a mysterious bomb called the Ray Sphere. It triggers a huge electric explosion, killing everyone in its path-except for Cole. He then discovers that he has electrical powers. A little after the blast, a deadly pledge breaks out and the city is quarantined. Over time, Cole learns how to use his electricity and bend it to his will. Throughout the game, you have choices to use our powers for good, or evil. Will you heal an injured citizen on the ground, or will you end their cries in a more sinister manner?The choice in yours...

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Is cole from infamous kessler from infamous?

cole and kessler are the same exept kessler is cole from the future and changed his name

Are they going to make infamous 3?

no because at the end of infamous 2 cole dies so unless they use some other charcter then there is not going to be a infamous 2

What is a epic video game character?

Cole McGrath, inFamous and inFamous 2. Also Solid Snake, MetalGear Solid

Is infamous 2 the last game of all the infamous franchise?

no because in 2014 they make a game called infamous second son BUT your not cole your delsin rowe

Who plays Cole Ridgman in infamous?

Its actually cole mcgrath instead of cole ridgman in infamous im pretty sure. Either way jason cottle plays cole.

Is there going to be a prototype 2?

yes there will be prototype 2 and Cole macgrath from infamous will be in it who will be voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger this time around

Is infamous about cole?

Yes, the video game Infamous revolves around a guy named Cole McGrath. The video games' protagonist and the person the player controls.

Can Cole in infamous get red lightning in the infamous demo?

well, no its not full that means = NO FULL POWER

What is the big shock at the end of infamous?

That Kessler is actually Cole.

What is Cole MacGrath's clothing in infamous 1?

A hotdog suit

When will infamous 2 the festival of blood coming out?

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood is a stand-alone PSN game where Cole is bitten by a vampire and must find the head vampire before the night ends. It will release on October 25 2011

How do be chimera on uncharted?

It is a downloadable pack available at Play Station Store. Cole from infamous is avaliable, as well as Helghast and Sev from Killzone 2.