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No, it does not. It is a starter pokemon and starters don't evolve with stones. However, pokemon like Eevee do. Chimchar (If you check on evolves at Level 14 into Monferno, which evolves in Infernape at Level 36. Hope this Helped!

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Q: Does chimchar evolve with fire stone?
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Where to go to evolve chimchar with a fire stone in Pokemon indigo?

Chimchar won't evolve with a fire stone it evolves at level 16.

Which stone does chimchar need to Evolve?

Chimchar does not need a stone to evolve, it evolves at level 14 into Monferno.

What Pokemon do you get from a fire stone on Pokemon Pearl?

You get a chimchar

Can a magmar evolve with a fire stone?

no he\she can't evolve by a fire stone

Where do you catch machop in fire red?

in the fiery path there is a fire stone to evolve eevee ,vulpix,chimchar too

How do you make your Chimchar evolve on Pokemon Indigo?

by using a fire stone or just train it until it is ready and if you ever want to fight me on it my uses name is daxter10

In Pokemon crystal version does a poliwag evolve with a fire stone?

no it does not evolve with a fire stone.

Who can evolve with a fire stone?

Pansear can evolve with a fire stone

How to evolve the fire monkey in Pokemon Conquest?

There are two fire monkeys in Pokémon Conquest; the first one is Pansear and in order to evolve it all you will need to do is equip a Fire Stone on it however Chimchar is the second Fire Monkey and in order to evolve it its Speed stat will need to be at least 48 and then Monferno will be able to evolve once its Speed stat is at 102.

What Pokemon evolves using fire stone?

all i know is poke that using fire stone is: fire stone Causes Vulpix to evolve into Ninetales. fire stone Causes Growlithe to evolve into Arcanine. fire stone Causes Eevee to evolve into Flareon. fire stone Causes Pansear to evolve into Simisear.

Can you evolve chameleon with a fire stone?

No a fire stone will NOT make him evolve. He evolves at level 36

Can ponyta evolve with a fire stone?

no ponyta cannot evolve with a fire stone, you need to raise it to level 40 and then it will evolve