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No, only animal feed. Bird Feed is just in the shed.

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Q: Does bird feed go in a silo in harvest moon ds?
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What is a silo in harvest moon DS?

A silo is where you store your fodder. Fodder is the food that you feed your cows and sheep with.

How do you store in the silo harvest moon?

get grass then a barn for animals then when they need food buy the silo the click on the silo if it says 0 feed then your sqrued

What goes in the silo and how do you put it in on harvest moon ds?

You can only put animal feed, and you have to have it in your hand then hit A when you are standing in front of it

How do you feed animals in harvest moon?

Use your phone and call Yodel Ranch (Open from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, closed on Sundays) Buy the feed from Rick. You should either have it in your Rucksack or in the Fodder Silo if you have one.

How do you feed cows on harvest moon ds?

once you bought hay or feed from yodel ranch by calling on the phone. you should build a silo by calling gotz and he will build you one. so simply go to the opening in your barn and you will pick up hay toss one into each wood crate! need more help? go to --------------harvest moon helper oscar71298

What is the use of a silo?

to contain harvest.

How do you use the silo in harvest moon ds?

first you buy a barn for the animals, then get some grass seed, then after you plant it, it will grow and then you cut it, if you have a silo, then the cut grass will instantly go to the silo, so you don't have to hold it. (it works for the stones and wood to) Hope I've helped ;)

What year did the first farm silo invented?

Joe Bird

What type of feed for dairy cattle is usually stored in silo?


Fairview acres wants to estimate how much feed it will take to fill their silo land O lakes charge 1.20 per cubic foot for the feed to go in the silo Will They be able to fill silo for less than 8000?

Without knowing how many cubic feet Fairview Acres' Silo holds, it is not possible to know if they can fill it for less than 8,000.

How many bushels of wheat will the average silo hold?

Depends on the size of your silo. however if this was a potentialy large silo you could fit a large harvest of wheat so long a you hve separated the chaff. but why do you want to know that?

What is the substitute word for a store house of grain?

Granary (n)which means a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed