Does beezid give you your item?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Doubt it, the Better Business Bureau Has given them an F for many reasons:

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB -Rating of F on a Answers.comfrom A+ to F.

Factor(s) that lowered this business' rating include:

  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating
  • 13 complaints filed against business
  • Failure to respond to 3 complaints filed against business
  • 2 serious complaints filed against business
  • BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business
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Q: Does beezid give you your item?
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What are opinions on Beezid?

NO BEEZID IS NOT A SCAM! Don't let people fool you into thinking it is a scam just because they can't win auctions. Beezid is kind of like betting or buying a raffle ticket, you pay for each bid whether you win the item or not. But with beezid your chances are probably lower then even playing the lotto, but i did find a tool and manual that have helped me dominate almost every auction I am in.

Is beezid copyrighted?

Yes. Here is the notice from the bottom of their home page: © Copyright 2010 Beezid Inc. Beezid®,, the Beezid® Bumblebee and all other Beezid® related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties, trademarks and tradenames owned by Beezid Inc. Designated trademarks, logos and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Does beezid charge for shipping?

Yes- it varies from item to item, and is always somewhere in the item page. However, many auctions include free shipping with the win. You can tell which ones because there's a little truck in the auction box.

Does beezid really work?

No it will hurt you

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Who is the beezid girl?

Charity Winters

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Who is that woman in the beezid commercial?

Charity Winters.

Where can you get sonic r for pc?

eBay,amazon,maybe beezid?

How does beezid work?

you type in what you want a in the search and it shows up if they have it