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yh type it in Google idiot

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Q: Does any one have cheats for football manager 08 0n psp?
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Is there any cheats tips for football manager 2010 handheld psp?

yes there is this one is where i found some.. there not really cheats more hints easy money easy wins.

Where can one find a popular football manager online service?

There are several football manager online services available that one can visit. An example of one popular website would be the Online Football Manager website.

What is the job of a football copeitition manager?

I think you mean Competition Manager. Its his/her job to organize what competitions the teams will be competing in in any one season.

Can you have more than one assistant manager in the game Football Manager 09?


Can you get me some cheats for football academy ds?

there is one which is kick the football as you kick it click the r button

Does sir alex Ferguson have any children?

Yes, three sons: Mark, Jason and Darren (who is also a football manager)

Who is the best manager for a football team?

One that knows the rules!!

Is football manager 2009 OK on more than one PC?


Who was stoke citys first manager?

The first manager of Stoke City football club was one Thomas Slaney.

Has the England football team ever had a player-manager?

I doubt if they had one who was both.

Are there any cheats for I -dressup?

Yes their is one.

Who has the biggest transfer budget on football manager 2005?

One of the biggest Transfer budgets on Football Manager 2005 is Chelsea with £40,164,000 to spend so i would go with them. Go with one of the big teams like real Madrid or Barcelona.