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Q: Does a PSP Street have a LAN option?
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where the wireless LAN of PSP street e1003?

It has no wireless hardware inside, so cannot connect to a LAN.

Can the PSP go lan with the PSP 3000?

Yes, All psp's can lan to each other.

How do you enable the wireless lan on in psp 2000?

On top of your PSP is an switch for wireless lan. Just switch it.

What is better PSP street or PSP 3000?

Psp street is much better i have psp 3000 and psp street and psp street is better then psp i would say.

What is better PSP street or PSP go?

psp street is better cuz psp go isnt made for gaming but psp street has a large screen wich makes it better

Can you connect PSP street to PSP other model with same game?

The PSP Street has no wifi or bluetooth, it cannot connect to another PSP.

How do you get internet on the psp street?

Ok the problem is that the PSP STREET doesnt have internet/

How do you open wi-fi in psp street?

The PSP Street has no wi-fi capabilities.

FIFA street 3 cost on psp?

It's not a PSP game FIFA Street 2 was

Which PSP model has WiFi?

All PSP models except for the PSP Street, PSP-E1000 series.

Does all PSP have wifi connectivity?

No, the 'Street PSP', PSP-E1000, has no wi-fi.

Is the psp e1000 touchscreen?

No, the PSP Street (E1000) does not have a touchscreen.