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You can charge it whilst it's on or off.

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Q: Does a Nintendo DS lite need to be on or off to charge it?
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How do you charge your Nintendo DS lite with no charger?

turn off the ds before it runs out of battery and it charges extremly slow but it charges

How do you delete games off your Nintendo DS lite?

I dont think you can.

D s lite comes on then flashes and goes off?

Then it's battery is dead.You need to let it charge.

Can you sell your old Nintendo ds for a Nintendo DSi?

At gamestop, you get $50 off a dsi when you trade in a regular ds, $70 off a ds lite, and $20 off a gba sp. I traded my ds lite and my gba sp for one.

How do you keep fingerprints off Nintendo ds lite screens?

Use a stylus, not your fingers.

How do you unpause Nintendo ds lite without turning it of?

Many games have the START button to pause or unpause. If you mean the game has crashed then you will need to turn it off.

Is a DSi a lot of money?

Well, it is $169.99 + tax. Unless of course you trade in one of your previous Nintendo hand held devices such as: GBA SP $20 off, Nintendo DS $50 off, and Nintendo DS Lite $70 off.

How do you get the protective covering layer off of the Nintendo Ds lite?

Go to best buy or game stop

How do you take a screen protector off a Nintendo DS Lite?

Try using ur stylus and pokr out the corner

How much money are used games for guitar hero on the Nintendo ds lite?

Depending upon the condition of the game, you can buy them for $40-$50. :) If you're selling be fair to the buyer and tell them of the faults in the game, and make sure to price fairly. By the way, Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS can be used on the original Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo DS Lite. (Sadly, Nintendo DSi cannot cope with Guitar Hero, so if you love to play Guitar Hero don't trade in your Nintendo DS Lite to GameStop for the extra $70 off of the Nintendo DSi...)

Can you play Game Boy advance games on the ds LITE?

Yes, you can play Gameboy Advance games on the Nintendo DS Lite, since the DS Lite is just an updated version of the Oringinal Nintendo DS which it can play Gameboy Advance Games.

How do you turn off a Nintendo DS Lite?

To turn it off, you do the same thing that you do for turning it on. Push the small slider, located on the right hand side, upwards.