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Not exactly siblings. In several of the games that Yoshi is in, he has different colors of his own kind (like in Mario Super Sluggers, or in the party in Mario Galaxy). In Super Sluggers, there were also different "Toads", also. Not really clear if Yoshi has siblings, but there are different Yoshi's.

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Q: Does Yoshi from Mario bros have siblings?
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How do you be Yoshi on Mario bros ds?

Did you mean New Super Mario Bros.? Yoshi isn't in that, but he is playable in Super Mario 64 DS, and you can ride him in New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

What Mario brothers was Yoshi in?

Yoshi was in Super Mario World but has never been in a Mario Bros. Game. that is, until New Super Mario Bros Wii comes out.

How do you be Yoshi in new super Mario bros ds?

Many people think that you can be Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros. DS, but you cant.

Can you play as Yoshi in new Super Mario Bros?

you can not.Only in new super Mario bros wii you can ride Yoshi but you can't play as him

How do you get Yoshi on Super Mario Brothers ds?

you can not play as Yoshi in new super Mario bros DS

Can you ride Yoshi on the DS Mario bros game?

no yoshi is not even in the game

Is there a Yoshi in Super Mario Bros 2?

Unfortunately no

Is Yoshi from Mario Bros a girl or a boy?


How do you unlock the Mario and Yoshi trophy in Super Smash Bros Melee?

Just finish classic mode with Mario and Yoshi.

Can you be Yoshi in new Super Mario Bros?

There is only a Yoshi in the wii version, in which he is not a playable character.

Is Yoshi from Mario bros an animal?

Officially, he's a dinosaur.

How can get Yoshi mode on Super Mario Brothers 3?

he isn't in super Mario bros 3