Does Shedinja learn shadow claw

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes in the generation VI games.

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Q: Does Shedinja learn shadow claw
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When does infernape learn shadow claw?

Infernape can learn Shadow Claw by TM 65.

Can Shedinja learn shadow ball without a TM?

Yes. It learns it at about level 35.

What moves does Shedinja learn?

Shedinja is a bug and ghost type of Pokémon. The Pokémon is capable of learning moves such as Shadow Sneak.

What are the best moves for Shedinja?

I would say X Scissor ( a good STAB move) Shadow Claw ( high critical hit ratio) or Shadow Sneak Endure Protect MAKE SURE IT HAS A FOCUS SASH!!!!!!!!

When does shedinja learn false swipe?

Shedinja learns false swipe at lvl 25.

Can Shedinja learn fly?


How do you teach a Charizard shadow claw?

To teach charizard shadow claw, you must get a heart scale and bring it to the move tutor. Once you do you get to teach it shadow claw.

On Pokemon platinum my Gengar know shadow claw shadow ball shadow punch and dark pulse but now he's trying to learn destiny bond shall a move be fogotten?

No, What Are You Crazy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

When does Shedinja learn endeavor?

lv 100

What is better on an Ursaring Shadow Claw or Night Slash?

One opinion is Night Slash and the Shadow Claw aren't better than 1 or the other because they are variations of the same move but they are of different typings. Another opinion is Night Slash is always better than Shadow Claw because it's Dark vs Ghost. Only difference is Shadow claw can't hit Normal-type Pokémon. Another opinion is provided Ursaring could learn Shadow Claw which it can't, Night Slash would be the better option since it'd be capable of hitting any and all Pokémon types whereas Shadow Claw, being a Ghost-type, it wouldn't be able to hit a Normal-type.

Where is shadow claw in Pokemon platinum?

After you beat fantina at the gym in hearthome city she will give you the TM shadow claw.

What moves can Giratina learn in Pokemon Platinum?

The moves that Giratina can learn in Pokémon Platinum via level-up which includes its signature attack of Shadow Force are Scary Face, Dragonbreath, Ancientpower, Omnious Wind, Dragon Claw, Heal Block, Slash, Earth Power, Shadow Claw and Aura Sphere.