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Only if you marry him.

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Q: Does Shea live with you in harvest moon island of happiness?
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On harvest moon island of happiness do Elliot and Julia get married?

Yes, they will live in Maribelle's house

Where does Vaughn live on Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

Vaughn does not live anywhere on the Island. He only visits the Island two days a week and on certain festivals. You can look at the related links to see his schedule.

How long can you live on Island of Happiness?


Is there a cheat for getting a horse in harvest moon island of happiness?

no you have to befriend Chen and Charlie then the next morning exit your farm house and Chen and Charlie will be there and give you a horse from then on it will live in the stable next to your house and you need to feed it everyday

When was Live at Shea Stadium created?

Live at Shea Stadium was created on 2008-10-06.

How do you get a dog in harvest moon island of happiness not a horse?

Ok first Either get Marribelles Friendship of to 2 hearts or if you alredy have a live stock (Chickens ect.) if you go to the forest (Drizzle rainy snowy) marribelle will ask you for help finding a dog

In harvest moon land of happiness how do you get the church?

You have to hire Gannon to build the bridge to the forest. Then once he has, visit the goddess pond there every day and chuck in a flower. She will appear and thank you for the gift. After about 2-3 days of doing this Alsia and Nathan will move to the island and live at the church next to the pond. F

Where would happiness live?

In my pants.

Can you give me quotes of happiness?

The best quote of happiness is "when live gives you lemons simply smile.

Where does Shea live in HM IoH?

Shea lives in the Forest which is north on the island. You first have to build a bridge leading there though. When you get enough money, you can go to the carpenter's shop and ask him to build a bridge leading to the Forest. Then you can go there. His house is straight through the woods. Don't worry, as soon as you step foot in the woods he will appear and take you to his house.

May you live your lives with happiness?

you probably will.

What does liberty and prosperity?

live,love,and happiness