Does Notch still work on Minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Of course. He still makes updates.

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Q: Does Notch still work on Minecraft?
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Is minicraft the same as Minecraft?

No Minicraft is a game notch made for a competition. Notch is also the creater of minecraft however but they are still games independent of each other

What is notch's plan for Minecraft?

Notch is no longer in charge of Minecraft :(

What is notch's Minecraft username?

'Notch' is Minecraft developer Markus Persson's Minecraft username.

What is Notch's name in minecraft?


Who is notch from Minecraft?

Notch is the creator and founder of Minecraft, and created the company Mojang

Is Minecraft two ever going to come out?

There will not be a Minecraft two. Minecraft is still in development, and Notch is not planning on making a second. If there were going to be a second Minecraft, it would not be coming out in the near future.

Is there a temple of Notch in Minecraft?

No there is no such thing for of a temple of notch in minecraft because they would have posted that they had made it in the minecraft forums.

Who was maker of Minecraft?

its Notch

Can you get notch in your minecraft world?


Did notch make tekkit?

No, Notch only made minecraft. Tekkit is alot of difrent minecraft mods in a modpack.

What city does notch live in?

Notch is not a mob in minecraft. Notch is the name dubbed by fans for the creator of minecraft, Markus Persson. He is often used in minecraft animations where he lives in a mansion or in the clouds, but he does not exist in the game.

Why did you make Minecraft?

I didn't make Minecraft.