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No. Poochyena evolves into Mightyena, then you're done.

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Q: Does Mightyena evolve in Pokemon Emerald?
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What level does mightyena evolve on pearl?

mightyena doesn't evolve on Pokemon pearl, he doesn't evolve in any Pokemon game!

What level does poochena evolve in emerald?

Lv 18 into Mightyena

When does poochynea evolve in emerald?

it evoles into a mightyena at level 18.

What Level does Poochyena Evolve Emerald?

Poochyena evolves into Mightyena at level 18.

When does poochyna evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Train it to level 22 to evolve it to mightyena.

What does a poochyena evolve on Pokemon sapphire?

in Pokemon sapphire poochyena evovles to mightyena

Where do you find Mightyena in Pokemon Sapphire?

you can catch a poohcyeana then evolve

How do you beat mossdeep gym leader in pokemon emerald?

you get a dark Pokemon for example mightyena

How do you find a pokemon that has thief on emerald?

Keckleon Lombre Poocheyana Mightyena

How do you get thief on pokemon emerald after the event?

Keckleon Lombre Poocheyana Mightyena

When does poochena evolve in Pokemon XD?

he evolves into mightyena at level 18

Does mightyena learn crunch in pokemon emerald?

yes it does.......around level 48