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mario likes princess peach and luigi likes princess dasiy.

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Q: Does Mario and luigi like prences peach?
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Does peach like Mario or luigi?

Peach's romantic interest is Mario. Luigi loves Daisy.

Does luigi like peach?

luigi does like peach there pefect they had a baby.

Does lugi like peach?

No Luigi does not like peach. Mario and peach have gotten married and they have had kids. Baby Mario and Baby Peach. Luigi has a crush on Daisy and Daisy has a thing for Yoshi. Hope this helped

Who does princess daisy love?

Princss Daisy from Mario loves Luigi like Peach loves Mario.

Are Mario and peach married no they are not Mario luigi and toad live in a mushroom like house simmalar to toad.?

for 1 thing mario, luigi, and peach live in Brooklyn for another thing if you have played super mario sunshine for gamecube it will work for wii but mario and peach go on vacation to isle delfino so its probably there honeymoon.

Who does peach like more?

luigi he is so kind to the princess peach and hes cute and HOT!mario cheats on the princess with paullina

Does dasiy like luigi?

Yes. in some games they love each other. Just like Mario and Daisy. In Mario Kart, Daisy Circuit has Daisy and Luigi shown as a statue together. Just like Mario and Peach.

Is princess peach related to princess daisy?

They are sisters so they are related like Mario and luigi

Why was luigi so angry at the end of luigi finally snaps?

cause he never gets any respect... like when luigi saves Mario and beats bowser, peach comes and kisses Mario instead

Who does luigi like daisy or peach?

Well Mario Loves Peach, so I'd say Luigi Loves Daisy, because in Mario Kart Wii, in one level, I cant remember the name but theres a statue of Luigi and daisy holding hands in the middle of the track.

Does Mario love peach or rosalina?

Evidence shows the Koopa Kids are ... how do I put this... Peach's AND Bowser's kids. But on a large percentage of the Mario games Peach thanks Mario and kisses him. So she'd be glad to get away from Bowser. The answer is MARIO.

Are princess peach and princess daisy sisters?

yes. they are sisters. and mario and luigi are brothers. peach is marryed to mario and daisy is marryed to luigi. rosalina is the mother of daisy and peach and the grandmother of baby peach and baby daisy and baby mario and baby luigi. yoshi is mario and luigis brother.