Does Kenny from Pokemon love Dawn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, frankly this has not been proven, like many other ships in the anime...

I, for one am a PenguinShipper (Kenny x Dawn supporter), therefore I believe that Dawn and Kenny may have someromantic feelings for each other.

Unfortunately, this has not been proven canon (official) by the anime, so it's just a belief. Also, some other fans may disagree and ship (pair) Dawn with Ash (PearlShipping); Brock (LightRockShipping); Conway (HeatTagShipping); Barry (TwinleafShipping); Lucas (FortuneShipping); and many more...

So, all in all... the main answer for this question is...

Unconfirmed... Since the ship is debatable...

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Well in a recent episode "Four roads diverged in a Pokemon Port!" released on 11/6/10 Kenny has admitted that he does "fancy" Dawn. Which is why he battles Ash to go with Dawn on a journey. Of which Ash loses but Dawn decides to go with Ash to cheer him on the Sinnoh League. But Brock wishes Kenny good luck with Dawn.

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Q: Does Kenny from Pokemon love Dawn?
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How old is Kenny from Pokemon?

10 same as dawn

Who will marry Dawn from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

I the pokemon diamond and pearl t.v. series I hope that Dawn will marry Kenny.

Does Kenny love dawn?

dawn flirts with Kenny in one episode and Kenny blushes and trys to not let dawn know that he is blushing so it's not comeform yet so it is a......YES!

Does Kenny from Pokemon like Dawn?

if you're a penguinshipper then you should know that in one episode dawn teased Kenny about her contest dress.also, after dawn won some contest she smiledat Kenny, showing her soft side for him.

Does dawn love Kenny off of Pokemon?

It is more hinted that Kenny likes dawn * which he does* but it is not certain dawn does but it is obvious they are very close as in episode 26 she flirts with him and she normally seems jelous when Kenny ignores her and talks to either ash or brock He likes her because he asked dawn that he was going to battle ash and if he wins dawn mit go on a journey with him. but she doen't she ends up watching ash in the sinnoh league. she leaves him a note and Kenny smiles, he then lookes up and sees dawn. but what gives it away is that he runs of and tells dawn that he has to tell her his feelings.

Why do they call dawn dd in Pokemon diamond?

Once Kenny,Liona and Dawn were given the job of pokemon caretakers in a pokemon center and dawn was electrified by a duo of plusle and minun thus her hair became pointed and started to shine Kenny called this 'Diamond Dandruff' which in short he calls 'DD'

In Pokemon does dawn like Kenny or ash?

of course its Ashton a he is the hottest at oojh

In Pokemon does Gary like dawn?

Yes Gary Oak love Pokemon Dawn

Who is Kenny from Pokemon?

Kenny is one of Dawns rivals and teases her by telling mean but funny stories about her and calling her D.D.Ash once asked why Kenny calls Dawn D.D but Dawn interrupted and said Ash don't even go there.

Is dawn the girl that the bad guys want in Pokemon?

well there is one Kenny likes Dawn not just in pearlshipping but in real Pokemon episodes the first time i knew this when he told ash about this

Is dawn in love with ash on Pokemon?


Does dawn and Kenny kiss?

No because Kenny never said he like dawn.