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I don't know how to get them but yes they have all of them. if anyone out there knows how to unlock them please tell us!

edit: No only Obsidius and Battra are the only NEW monsters in GU for ps2. they can be unlocked by buying the Mutant class and then buying them in specific. the reason Why is because the ps2 version was being made AFTER the Wii version and they were short on time so they idiotically slapped together a game with new maps 2 new monsters with cloned moves and called it quits. Sorry Attari, at this point and time that's really unacceptable!!! -_-

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Q: Does Godzilla unleashed have krstalak varan biolante king Caesar mecaGodzilla for ps2 if so please helpe you unlock them?
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Your ps2 version of Godzilla unleashed do not have krstalak?

Yes I have a godzilla unleashed game and it doesn't have krstalak.