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Skorge - the Head of the Locust's Kantus order and acting general after the demise of RAAM - engages both Dizzy and Tai Kaliso on the deck of 'Betty,' Dizzy's rig.

Although his fate is not revealed in Gears of War 2, Dizzy emerges amongst the other refugees of Jacinto when they regroup in Port Farrall and is reunited with his daugters - Teresa and Maralin. This is revealed in the novel 'Jacinto's Remnant,' which picks up immediately where Gears 2 leaves off.

Dizzy explains to Delta squad that Tai drew off Skorge and indicated for him to make a run for it whilst Tai held him off. Dizzy asks where he can find Tai to repay him for what he did, whereupon Tai's ultimate fate is revealed to him.

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Q: Does Dizzy Wallin die in Gears of War 2?
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