Does Cut the Rope have virus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. There is indication that the free version of Cut the Rope, as well as other Android games, has a virus. Uninstall instructions can be found using a search engine search.

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Q: Does Cut the Rope have virus?
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When did Cut the Rope happen?

Cut the Rope happened in 2010.

What is more addictive cut the rope or Angry Birds?

Cut the rope

When was Cut the Rope created?

Cut the Rope was created on 2011-08-04.

Is cut the rope free for a tablet?

Cut the Rope has a Lite version that is free.

How do you complete level 9 fabric box on cut the rope?

just cut the rope and wait till it gets 2 of the stars then whenever it gets right above Omnom cut the rope and there you go

What is the game where you cut cords for balls to drop into cups?

Cut the rope

What is the difference between cut the rope and cut the rope HD?

As far as i know, HD is mostly for games on Tablets for a better resolutions and quality :)

Are there any cheats for cut the rope?

no there isn't.

Is cut the rope on the nook tablet?


How many boxes are there in cut the rope?


How do you get the cut five ropes achievement in cut the rope?

get the spikes and push spacebar

Where do you find the rope after you cut it on cryptids island?

after you cut it it automatically goes into your inventory.