Does Crysis 2 have partial nudity?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sort of. When you're looking for this old man named Jacob Hargreave, you eventually find him in this tube filled with thick, dark green stuff. However, the shadow of his thing can be outlined.

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Q: Does Crysis 2 have partial nudity?
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Why is mass effect 2 rated M?

Because the people drop a couple F bombs and you can "romance" your squadmates.

What nudity does Crysis 2 have?

Last time I checked there wasn't any at all.

Does Halo 2 have partial nudity in it?

There is no partial nudity in Halo 2.Halo 2 is rated MA for the following reasonsBlood and GoreViolenceLanguage

What are the reasons for the ratings of Crysis 2?

The ESRB rating of Mature means they think nobody under 17 should play the game. It is rated Mature because of blood, partial nudity, strong language and blood. The blood and violence is because it is a war game. I don't know why it is rated for partial nudity, I didn't see any nudity when I was playing. It is rated for language because the soldiers sometimes yell bad words at the aliens.

What is in the director's cut of terminator salvation that isn't in the theatrical version?

tere is breif partial nudity partial nudity not full nudity only the side and its dark

How many Crysis games are their?

there are 3.. crysis crysis warhead crysis 2

Does state of decay have full nudity?

no in state of dacay it is only partial nudity

Is there partial nudity in saints row?

Saints Row 1 has nudity along with the upcoming Saints Row: The Third. All of Saints Row 2's nudity is blocked by pixilation.

Why does soul caliber 4 say partial nudity?

Partial nudity means brief or mild depictions of nudity. Why'll Soul Caliber 4 has no nudity some of the characters outfits come close. Take Ivy for exemple.

Why does Crysis 2 have partial nudity?

Why not? Just like other games, Bulletstorm has scenes that isn't 100% nudity. The most popular game (GOD OF WAR) has 100% nudity and you can see their breasts and genitals. However .. Bulletstorm isn't like that .. It's like a women in their underwear (bra and stuff) also I searched for you .. and found this: "That aside, 'partial nudity' means the game doesn't contain any bare breasts or genitals. It just means that some of the ladies in some of the scenes will have 'revealing' clothing." Hope you got it.

Is Crysis 2 actually real?

Crysis 2 exist and is in development at Crytek. The entire story of Crysis 2 is fictional.

Is there partial nudity in saints row 3?

Yes. There's full nudity if you want it too.