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Yes and no. If you set some of the options such as Kernel Mode and Stealth Mode, then it does change a value or adds something to the registry the same way that any other kernel debugger would. So to begin with, Cheat Engine *does not* change your computer at all, but if you *want* it to, you can. its safe cuz its popcorn kernel lol stpid

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Q: Does Cheat Engine effect your computer at all?
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Is it all right to download cheat engine?

no you cannot it puts a really bad virus on your computer or it crashes it.

Is cheat engine 5.5 free?

Yes, infact every cheat engine is free. +cheat engine 5.6 is out now.

Where do you get cheat engine 5.5 for roblox?

You can go to the website will have all the versions of cheat engine, including cheat engine 5.5 just scroll down.

How do you cheat in adventure quest using cheat engine?

All you have to do is die....on the toolbar...

Does Cheat Engine mess up your computer at all like with spyware or a virus?

I've heard that Cheat Engine 5.5 doesn't have a virus, if so then i suggest that you must get a Anti-Virus program or programs.

Where can get cheat engine for farm villa?

Cheat Engine works for almost all games, but if it's online you gotta watch out. Just Google 'Cheat Engine Download Free' and you'll find it fast.

Why is your cheat engine not working with Plants vs Zombies?

Cheat Engine is rumoured to be a Trojan virus.Cheating takes all the fun out of the game.

How do you cheat on gta23?

I hate to break it to you but you cannot do webkinz cheats after they figured out all the cheat engines an websites for webkinz cheats, they turned the cheat system off. What will happen if I do a cheat from a Webkinz Cheat Engine/Website? A from QwertyUUU: Well you will be banned and deleted from webkinz and you can never add any webkinz on any computer in your house. thank you

Cheat engine first is the same with Cheat Engine 5.5?

no, the 5.5 can hack more games than the 1st an all the ones before 5.5

What all can you do on Roblox with cheat engine 5.5?

nothing i guess

How do people get RuneScape on the cheat engine list?

You can not cheat on runescape and it's there all you have to do is go to windows list.

Does a crankshaft sensor help start an engine?

It is required for a computer controlled engine to run at all.It is required for a computer controlled engine to run at all.