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Q: Does Charizard listen to ash in the first movie?
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When does Charizard first listen to ash?

In episode 107, the episode name Charizard Chills. Saving Charizard from a Ice Beam from Poliwrath.

What episode does Ash get Charizard?

Ash got Charizard in episode 11

What Pokemon episode is it that Charizard starts listening to Ash?

Charizard starts obeying Ash in the Orange League episode titled "Charizard Chills."

What episode does Charizard leave ash?

Ash and friends meet a girl named Liza, who protects the nearby Charicific Valley, a valley where wild Charizard live. Everyone goes there and Ash wants his Charizard to train with the others.So Ash decides that Charizard should stay in the Charicific Valley.

Will ash ever get Charizard back?

Yes, Ash's Charizard will return. Charizard first returned in the "Spell of Unown" movie. Charizard returned during the Johto region in episodes that are titled "Great Bowls of Fire" and remained throughout "Better Eight Than Never" before leaving once again. He came back in the episode that's titled "Can't Beat the Heat" and remained until Harrison beat Ash in the Johto League Silver Conference. Charizard returned during Ash's Battle Frontier challenge, it first returned during the challenge in the episode that is titled "The Symbol Life" so that it could battle against Articuno. Charizard later came back in the episode that is titled "Gathering the Gang of Four" and remained throughout the episode that's titled "Pace - The Final Frontier!" As of April 23, 2013, Charizard's last return is while Ash is still in the Unova region but after the Unova League tournament is over.