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Q: Do you use your MIC in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Can you trade Pokemon white Pokemon with Pokemon HeartGold?

no, but use can use poketransfer from heartgold to white

Do you need to use the mic on Pokemon SoulSilver?


What do you do when you get rocksmash in Pokemon HeartGold?

You use it

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?

you use waterfall at the Pokemon waterfall or the battlefield.

How can you get a water Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

Use a fishing rod.

How do you easily get shinie Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can use a Pokemon repel and then use a poke radar.

What Pokemon do you use the master ball on Pokemon HeartGold?

probaby kyogre

Which Pokemon can use the water stone on HeartGold?


What is the best Pokemon you can get on Pokemon HeartGold?

There is no best Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold.

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon heartgold?

there is no Pokemon Mansion in Heartgold.

How do you use an Action Replay on Pokemon HeartGold?

yes. You can use the action replay in any Pokemon game.

Where do you get a Pokemon after you use a code in Pokemon HeartGold?

Usually, a Poke`Mart. But it depends on the code.