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Q: Do you say more easily or most easily in a sentence?
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Is it correctly to say most easily?

No, it is incorrect to say "most easily." The correct phrase is "most easily" to indicate the superlative form of easy.

What is a sentence using the word biped?

A human being is the most easily identifiable biped although some might say that it's birds.

How do you use easilly in a sentence?

You can say "She easily answered that question." or "How could you finish that assignment so easily?"

Is there such thing as 'more easily'?

Yes, it is correct to say that something is done more easily. Easily is an adverb.

Can you end a sentence with the word more?

I can't say more.

What are Wiz Khalifa's most popular songs?

just get the mixtape kush&oj. its free. its easily his best stuff. need i say more

Do you say easier or more easily as an adverb?

Easier is a comparative adjective. Easily is an adverb. So, if you are using the adverb, you need to use "easily".

Is it correct to say the girl with several others was going to school?

These should not be mistaken for the related, albeit distinct, modern British grammar schools

How do you put idiom in an example sentence?

To include an idiom in an example sentence, simply incorporate the idiom naturally into the sentence to convey a figurative meaning. For example, "She had a chip on her shoulder" is an idiom meaning she was easily offended or held a grudge.

How do you use more often in a sentence?

The priest decided to say his sermons more often.

Is it correct to say I and you?

In most cases you would say you and I then again it depend on the question

Is it correct to say one of the more or one of the most?

one of the most is more proper one of the most is more proper one of the most is more proper (One of the most) is the correct way to say it.