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Q: Do you play with only 5 aliens in Ben 10 protecter of earth on the psp?
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How can you connect with another player on ben10 protecter of earth?

it a game you can play

How Can you play as upchuck on ben 10 protecter of earth for ps2?

after you beat vilgax. There is a hole new stage

Do you get to play as aliens in aliens colonial marines?

yes you get to play as aliens, but you have to go online to play as an alien. campain is just the story, and you are only a marine

How do you get dimondhead on Ben10 protecter of earth ps2?

to get diamond head on ps2 all you have to do is type inSQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X.NOW YOU HAVE DIAMONDHEAD PLAY HAPPY!

What aliens are playable in Ben 10 protector of earth?

Canonbolt, Swampfire, Fourarms, Wildvine, XLAB, and those are the characters you can play as

How do you play with 10 aliens in Ben10 on PS2?

only cannonbolt,wildvine,XLR8,fourarms,heatblast

How many aliens are there in Ben 10 deluxe ominitrix?

at first you start off with the regular 10. but each time you play 10 battles you unlock new aliens.(cannonbolt,wildvine,upchuck,and benwolf.

Is bungie going to create a halo where you can okay as aliens?

if you mean play as aliens you can in halo2,3 and halo reach

Do you play as the predator in aliens vs predator?


How to play halo?

runnin around kill aliens

In Aliens In The Attic what character does Ashley play?

Bethany Pearson

Who does Ashley Tisdale play in Aliens in the Attic?

She plays Beth