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no, you do not need your Sims 3 disk, but you will need the disk for the expansion pack you want to install.

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Q: Do you need your Sims 3 disc to install an expansion pack?
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Installed the Sims 2 but lost disc. I want to buy expansion pack. Do I need the Sims 2 disc to play the expansion or just the expansion pack disc?

all you need is the expansion, first you install it and then every time you want to play the game you put in the latest expansion disc you installed

Do you need Sims 2 to play all the other Sims 2 games?

If by "other games" you mean the expansion packs, then yes. In order to install the expansion packs (Sims 2 University, etc.) you need to have Sims 2 already installed. If you don't want to spend money on that game as well as the expansion pack, find a friend who has the Sims 2 discs, and borrow them. Install the game and then install your expansion pack right afterward. That way, you don't need the regular Sims 2 disc to play with your expansion pack. You just have to have the disc for the expansion pack you installed. (However, if you ever have to uninstall the game, you'll need to borrow Sims 2 again to reinstall it.)

What Sims disc is needed to play the sims 2pets expansion pack?

You need the orignal sims 2 disc!

What disc do you need to play sims 2 pets being that its an expansion pack?

The sims two disc i think it is The sims two disc i think it is

Can you install the same Sims 3 disc on two computers?

Yes. But every time you want to play it you need the disc. Also, if you have any expansion packs or stuff packs you can use that disc for one computer and the one without the expansion/stuff pack with the original Sims 3 disc (I've done it before)

Do you have to have all the expansion packs to play Sims 3 seasons?

You can install the expansions for The Sims 3 in any order you want, but when you play the game you will have to use the disc for the latest expansion to launch the game.

Can you install Sims 3 expansons packs on original Sims 3?

well, you need to have the regular sims 3 disc installed already to play sims 3 world adventure, but u need the sims 3 world adventure disc to play that expansion pack. Unless you've downloaded it from the EA store, you don't get the disc and it still works, you pay with a credit card.

Why does your computer tell you that you need to install The Sims 2 before you can install The Sims 2 Pets?

cause sims 2 pets is a game expansion.

What does sims 2 double deluxe need to install?

It's not an expansion pack, so it doesn't need any other sims games for it to install and work.

How do you install sims 2 on Mac?

You need the Mac Sims 2 game, and then when you put into your computer, a little sims 2 disc will pop up. click on it. Then drag the Sims 2 app to your hard drive, and it will begin to install. Be sure you have the MAC disc or it will not work!

How do you install sims superstar without sims original?

You can't, you need the base game to play expansion packs.

If you have the Sim's 2 deluxe installed on your computer but your disc broke do you need the disc to install normal disc?

OK, I'm presuming the disc has broke, when you've got them all on your computer?If so, do you mean the normal disc as in the Sims 2?No, you don't need the deluxe disc to install the normal disk, but you will need to un-install it from your PC, otherwise it'll get confused.