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only if you want to play with 2 players

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Q: Do you need two remotes to play 'wii play' game?
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Can you use a nunchuck on We Cheer?

You need not to use nunchack. But if you have two Wii remotes,I recomend you to play with both of them. Because it is more fun to play the game with two Wii remotes than to play with one Wii remote. Enjoy!

Can you share Wii remotes between two Wii users?

It depends on which game you play.

How do you connect two Wii remotes on the Wii game Boogie Superstar?

You have to sync the two remotes on the Wii in order to connect it on the game.

If you want to play boxing against an friend do you need two remotes and nunchuks?

Yes, there is no alternate play for Wii Sports boxing.

How do you load two players on the TNA Impact Wii game?

You just play a single match with 2 remotes and nunchucks.

When playing Wii sport do you need two remotes?

sometimes is depends what game you are playing If you're playing by yourself, then you only need one. But if you are playing with someone else, yes you would need two remotes, unless you choose to share the remote. That is possible by clicking on two players and 1 remote.

Is Lego star wars a two player game?

yes! Because, if you have two remotes or if you have the DS game you can use the DS download with another DS and even three people could play it.

Can you play Bad Company 2 with a friend online on the same system with two remotes?

Sadly no, Battlefield 2 is a one person game aside from the online play.

Can you play minecraft multiplayer on one xbox with two remotes?

Yes you can.

Can one play two player on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Yes you can, as a matter of fact you can do four players and all you need is four remotes.

If you had two wii remotes and you bought Wii play how would you add the second remote?

it dose not come with two remotes and all you have to do is press the top button to see and there you go

How do you play with two people on the wii with motion plus?

First, ask yourself two things: 1) Do I have two Wii remotes? 2) Do I have two Wii motion plus things? If both answers are yes, attach the wii motion plus. Go into your game. Click the house-shaped button on the wii remote. Select "disconnect." Hold down 1 and 2 on both wii remotes. Once both remotes are connected, leave the home menu and enjoy the game.