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You just need one Wii Motion Plus for Wii Sports Resort. If you want to play on a 2 to 4 player mode, you need 2 to 4 motion plus depending on the number of people playing at the same time.

Anyways, this game is fun, go buy it! :D

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Q: Do you need two Wii Motion Plus for Wii Sports Resort?
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Why do you need motion plus to play Wii sports resort?

Yes. It is not possible to play wii sports resort without motion plus.

Do you need Wii motion plus on Wii sports resort?

no you dont only if you want to

Do you have to use Wii Motion Plus for playing Wii Sports Resort?

Yes. You will need one Wii Motion Plus for each player.

Do you need two motion plus's on Wii sports resort for a two player?

You do need 2 Motion Plus' to play 2 player on Wii Sports Resort. One comes with the game. You can now buy a black Wiimote that has a Motion Plus with it for about $10.00 more than the Wiimote alone. You can also buy the Motion Plus by itself for around $25.00.

Do you need two Wii Motion Plus for two players?

Only if the game requires Wii motion plus, like wii sports resort. Otherwise, you don't need the Wii motion plus at all.

How do you play Wii Sports Resort with two players?

You need a second controller with Wii motion plus.

Do you need a Wii motion plus ACCESSORY or a Wii motion plus to play Wii sports resort?

You need either a Wii MotionPlus accessory or a Wii Remote that has one built in.

Motion plus Wii resort?

yes you need motion+ for it

If two people are playing wii sports resort do you need two Wii motion plus?

YES! I have it and we do but were i live it's a lot of money.

Do you have to have Wii motion plus to play Wii sports resort?

Merry Christmas ! : ) *2010* Yes, in fact you do have to have wii motion plus. You have it in order to do anything. But you if you buy the game it comes with a wii motion plus anyways so that wouldn't be a problem. I think if you buy the regular games you wouldn't have to need the wii motion plus. I hoped I helped ! : )

What do you need to play wii sports resort?

Wii remotes,wii motion +,nunchucks.No standing board.

Do you need a motionplus controller for every player?

If you want to play 2 players simultaneously in a game that requires a motion plus, you need one for each controller. Some games allow you to use one controller for 2 players, in that case you only need one motion plus. It is worth getting for $20... makes games a lot better. You get one motion plus with Wii Sports Resort.