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Q: Do you need builders club to make decals on ROBLOX?
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How do you make jackets on roblox?

you have to be in the builders club

Do you have to be builders club on roblox to make models?

No you dont

On roblox can you make shirts when you are not in builders club?


How do you use builders club on roblox?

If you have builder's club and you dont really know how to use it, these are options: 1:create new places 2:make new shirts,and t-shirts and pants 3: make models and decals

On roblox can people not in builders club sell t-shirts?

People in builders club (On roblox) Can make, and sell T-Shirts but if your not in builder club in roblox, u cant and if u try it wont let you

Do you need Builders Club to make a second place on Roblox?

yes you do.

On roblox can people not in builders club make pants?

NBC (Non-Builders Club) users can make shirts, pants, and t-shirts, but can not sell them.

On roblox can people not in builders club make t-shirts?

Yes, you can make t-shirts without builders club but u cant sell them my username is roblox is pspboy27 send a request.Jk jk my name is Sandstorm90332

Do you have to be a turbo builder club member to make stuff on roblox?

No you can be in regular builders club and still be able to make things.

How do you sell stuff on roblox when your builders club?

Make a T-shirt (such as an Admin) or a shirt.

How do you get rich on roblox?

1. make a good place 2. get builders club or turbo builders club 3. make a donation t shirt ( only for bc and tbc and obc )

Do you have to pay so you can make a game on roblox?

kinda you need to buy builders club i think