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No, and you dont need a stone to make it evolve.You need to level him to 30 to make it evolve.

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Q: Do you need a special stone to evolve zorua?
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What stone do you need to evolve zorua?

You don't evolve ZORUA with a stone. You need to level ZORUA to level 30 to get a ZOROARK.

How do you evolve a Zorua?

To evolve a Zorua, you simply need to level it up to level 30.

Where do you get zoaroak in pokemon indigo?

You'll need to evolve Zorua or trade for it.

Can a level 100 eevee evolve on fire red?

Yes, because you need one of those special stones, like a water stone to evolve it into a Vaporeon or a fire stone to evolve it into a Flareon or a electric stone to evolve it into a Jolteon. You can get these special stones at a tall building in Celadon city. Go to the 3rd floor and you can buy these special stones.

Which evolution stones must be used the most times in Pokemon red blue yellow?

The number of Pokemon that need to use a certain stone to evolve, for each stone, is a tie between the Water stone and the Moon stone. Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff need to use the Moon stone to evolve. Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu, and Eevee (special case) need the Water stone to evolve.

What stone do you use to evolve wailmer?

You need to reach level 40, I believe. No special evolution items are needed to evolve Wailmer to Wailord.

What stone do you need to evolve a grotle?

you do not need a stone to evolve a grotle. he evolves a Lv.32

What stone do you need to evolve Haunter?

You don't need a stone you need to trade it to someone then trade it back to you and it will evolve!

Which stone does torchic need to evolve?

Torchic does not need a stone to evolve, it evolves at level 16 into Combusken.

Which stone does chimchar need to Evolve?

Chimchar does not need a stone to evolve, it evolves at level 14 into Monferno.

What stone do you need to make Groudon evolve?

Groudon does not evolve, therefore no stone will make Groudon evolve.

Stone to evolve kirlia into gallade?

You need a dawn stone to evolve kirlia into gallade