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no u dont need a poke radar u can find him on route 206

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Q: Do you need a poke radar to get gligar?
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Where can you find gligar without using and poke radar?

use a poke dex

Where do you catch gligar on Pokemon Pearl?

you will need poke-radar and go to route 209. then you will find a gligar. to involve it give it razor fang.

Where to get gligar?

Use poke radar on route 214 it takes about 33 tries it worked for me.

How do you catch gligar without the poke radar?

go under the bridge at the bike road at night

How do you get a gligar on Pokemon pearl?

You go to route 214, find a patch of grass, and use your poke radar. (Its very rare)

Do you need a poke radar to get gliscor in Pokemon diamond?

You can only get gliscor in Pokemon emerald or you can use your radar to find him.I think he's near Etnera city. FAIL you can't get him in Pokemon emerald, you get gligar in it but gliscor can only be gotten through pearl/diamond/platinum

Where do you get gligar exactly in route 206 in Pokemon pearl and without a poke radar?

In the grass under Cycling Road (but only if you have Pokemon Emerald inserted in the GBA slot).

What does poke radar look like?

like a poke radar

Can you get the Poke Radar in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes you can get the Poke Radar

Were ken catch dussclops on diamond?

To catch Dusclops on Pokemon Diamond you need the Poke Radar item first. Once you have the Poke Radar go to Route 224 and use the Poke Radar there and Dusclops should eventually appear in the grass.

How do you get the poke radar in black?

You cannot get the Poke Radar in Pokemon Black.

How do you get ralts?

To get ralts you need to have got the national dex and poke radar. use the poke radar on the first grass patch on route 209 and will see ralts!