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nope you need to ctach groudon then use fly with it

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Q: Do you need a pass to get on the ferry in Pokemon ruby?
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What do you do while waitng for the ferry in staleport in Pokemon ruby?

rest in ur bed

How do you get the ferry to work on Pokemon Ruby?

beat elite four then go to ferry port in lillycove or slateport and it will be there. Hope this helps!

What do you need to trade Pokemon from Pokemon ruby to Pokemon ruby?

You'll need Pokemon ruby. If you mean ruby to sapphire, then you'll need both games, two gba's, and a link cable.

How do you get to Kanto in Pokemon Ruby?

Beat the elite 4 and Steven. then prof. birch gives you a ferry ticket. the ferry was being built in Slateport

How do you get pass the X's on the ship in Pokemon ruby?

You can't!

In Pokemon LeafGreen do you need 100 different Pokemon to the ruby?

to get the ruby yes you do

Where are a fire stone in Pokemon ruby?

there is a firestone in fiery pass

How you get a old pass in Pokemon ruby?

You get it after you beat the elite 4.

What do you get after you have sixty Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get the national dex and the rainbow pass after getting the ruby!

How do you get the ferry ride working in ruby?

You the ferry opens after you beat the pokemon champion. After you beat the champion, you'll be back home and your father will give you a ticket to go to ferry. The ferry takes you to two locations: Lilycove city and the battle tower

In Pokemon Ruby what moves will you need to pass the victory road?

flash, strength, surf, maybe rock smash and maybe waterfall.

Where Gastly Pokemon ruby?

Gastly is unobtainable in Pokemon Ruby. You need to trade one from Pokemon Firered or Leafgreen.